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    How many and what kind of batteries does the Thunderbox pro use?

    The Thunderbox pro uses two 18650 batteries. The rating on the batteries that come with the kit and are recommended for use are 3.7 volt, 2500mAh.

    Can different kinds of 18650 batteries be used in my Thunderbox pro?

    Yes they can as long as they are 18650 sized batteries. We do not recommend batteries rated above 3000mAh.

    What is the difference between the bolt and the Thunderbox pro/ bolt m combo?

    The difference between the Bolt m and the Bolt kit is the Bolt kit has 2 temps for those that just want to press a button and be ready to dab. The Bolt m and Thunderbox kit is for those who like to precisely control the temp of their dabs for the most unique experience. Not to mention the extra battery for extended usage.

    Whats the max wattage the Thunderbox pro can reach?

    The max wattage the box can reach is 160w.

    Does the thunderbox pro come with batteries?

    Yes! The Thunderbox pro comes with two 18650 batteries included.

    How does the Thunderbox pro charge and how long does it take?

    The Thunderbox pro comes with an dual external 18650 charger included. Meaning you take both batteries out of the thunder box to charge. (Gives you the ability to have a second set of batteries charging while using the device) The batteries take anywhere from 2-3 hours to charge on the charger.

    How do I access the menu on the Thunderbox?

    Three clicks of the power/fire button will take you to the menu screen. From the menu screen, it will give you the option of mech mode, watt mode, Temp ni, Temp ti, and Temp ss.

    What modes on the Thunderbox pro can I use my Bolt m on?

    The modes that work with the bolt m include the wattage mode, and temp Ni mode. The temp mode will cycle the heating element on and off to hold a set temperature. The wattage mode will continue to heat/power atomizer hotter and hotter, the longer the power/fire button is held.

    Does the Thunderbox have any safety features?

    Yes! The device offers overtime protection, overheating protection and 5 click power button lock.

    Does the Thunderbox pro come with a warranty?

    Yes! The thunderbox pro comes with a 90 limited warranty. The batteries in the unit come backed a one year warranty.

    What is the main difference between the the Thunderbox pro and the Thunderbox?

    The thunderbox pro can hold two 18650 batteries improving maximum power output and battery life. On the other hand the thunderbox only holds one 18650 battery and does allow adjustable overtime protection up to 20 seconds.